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 Geometric Calculus Japan



Innovative Teaching of Mathematics with geometric algebra
New Concepts & Cutting Edge Technology
Applied to Mathematical Education

International Symposium


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Organized by |||
  • Ryosuke Nagaoka, University of the Air Japan
  • Hideyuki Ishi, Yokohama City University
  • Eckhard Hitzer, Fukui University
  • Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Invited Speakers |||
Topics |||

New Concepts - Geometric Algebra for Teaching

  • Geometric algebra basics
  • At schools
  • Undergraduate mathematics education
  • Graduate mathematics education
  • For applied mathematics
  • Across disciplines

Innovative Teaching and New Technology

  • Teaching mathematics with multimedia
  • Hardware
  • Interactive technology
  • Software
  • Interfaces
  • Computer algebra for teaching
  • Projects
  • Future trends
Registration |||

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