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General Information


Arrival |||
  • By Air: Detailed information of how to travel to the Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) at the University of Kyoto can be found here. Here is Kansai airport express train Haruka information. Information on the Kansai airport (KIX) of Osaka itself is here.
  • Train: This site offers information on the services of the West Japan Railway Company. Look here for a photo and diagram of Kyoto Station.
  • Maps: The RIMS is No. 11 on this zoomable map. The Japan National Tourist Office (JNTO) offers a detailed map of the city.
Accommodation |||
  • General: The Kyoto city tourism and culture information system offers a searchable accommodation directory. Scroll down the page to the Kyoto Information Data Base. There choose the field Accommodation & Restaurants. Select the category Hotels, Inns, etc. Then you can search the data base. If you want to use the select area search, then remember that the Shugakuin, Ginkakuji area is closest to the RIMS. Please remember, that November is a very busy tourist season in Kyoto, so early hotel reservation is advisable.
  • Hotels: A comprehensive hotel listing with URLs, etc. is available here here.
  • Budget: The closest youth hostel is the Higashiyama Youth Hostel.
Costs |||
  • There will be no registration fee.
  • Participants are expected to pay for accommodation, for their transportation, and for all meals, including the reception on Thursday evening and the Friday dinner by themselves.
Weather |||
  • Check the wheather in Kyoto here.

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