Support Website for the Linear Algebra Lectures of the University of the Air Japan

by Eckhard M. S. Hitzer (University of Fukui), Prof. Ryosuke Nagaoka (University of the Air, Japan)

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This homepage provides supplementary material for the University of the Air, Japan, linear algebra II lectures recorded in 2003. The lectures were recorded by Prof. Ryosuke Nagaoka. From time to time Eckhard Hitzer briefly appeared as a guest, sometimes introducing topics from the view point of goemetric algebra. The English transcripts of these contributions can be found on this homepage. In addition this site contains a few short texts about related topics from geometric algebra, a preliminary version an introduction to geometric algebra chapter (in Japanese), a range of interactive Java applet illustrations, and some links for further explorations.

Please send any suggestions, corrections and improvements to Eckhard Hitzer. Especially if you detect any mathematical errors!


Geometric Algebra Topics

Geometric Algebra入門

線型代数学 / 長岡亮介著. -- 東京 : 放送大学教育振興会, 2004.3. (放送大学教材) 1891715-1-0411, ISBN 4-595-23770-7 C1341,第16章
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A range of interactive Java applets illustrates selected topics from linear algebra. The applets were created with the interactive geometry software Cinderella. View the applets here. Compare also the VISUAL線形代数 presentation (日本語, in Japanese).

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