Transcript of 15_03.AVI (Lecture 15, part 3)

By Eckhard M.S. Hitzer, University of Fukui, Prof. Ryosuke Nagaoka (University of the Air, Japan)

Yes, please have a look at this computer graphics. And you see a robot arm with two segments, which can move. And there is a red target. And so the top of the robot arm should try to find this target. So now we can move the target to a different position. And you will see that the robot arm will follow this motion.

... Prof. Nagaoka ...

But when the robot makes this motion, actually it can bend in different ways, this is one way it can bend. And now I change the position to show you the other possible and equivalent bending.

... Prof. Nagaoka ...

So you see it changed the way it is bending, but it reaches a similar position. And you can really see that it is genuinly reaching the object by its motion. Yes.

... Prof. Nagaoka ...

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