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Luca Redaelli

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About me

I am in the first year of the Doctoral Course in System Design Engineering - Energy Systems at the Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of the University of Fukui, under the supervision of Prof. H. Matsushita and Ass. Prof. E. Hitzer.
My research interest is the application of Geometric Algebra to Structural Mechanics and Engineering, focusing on two-field problems such as fluid-structure interaction.
Following this link, you will access my resume in English.

Simple Structural Mechanics computations with Cinderella

By making use of the Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella, I prepared some Java (TM) applets that illustrate geometrically the computation of reactions and internal actions of a simply supported straight beam.
The applets are interactive in the sense that some geometric quantities can be modified by the user (direction and/or magnitude of load, location where to compute reactions...) and the respective changes visualized directly.
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