E.S.M. Hitzer
Basic Multivector Calculus
Proceedings of 18th Intelligent Systems Symposium (FAN 2008), 23-24 Oct. 2008, Hiroshima, Japan, pp. 185 - 190 (2008).

Abstract: We begin with introducing the generalization of real, complex, and quaternion numbers to hypercomplex numbers, also known as Clifford numbers, or multivectors of geometric algebra. Multivectors encode everything from vectors, rotations, scaling transformations, improper transformations (reflections, inversions), geometric objects (like lines and spheres), spinors, and tensors, and the like. Multivector calculus allows to define functions mapping multivectors to multivectors, differentiation, integration, function norms, multivector Fourier transformations and wavelet transformations, filtering, windowing, etc. We give a basic introduction into this general mathematical language, which has fascinating applications in physics, engineering, and computer science.

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