E.S.M. Hitzer, K. Tachibana, S. Buchholz, I. Yu
Carrier method for the general evaluation and control of pose, molecular conformation, tracking, and the like
Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, Vol. 19(2), pp. 339-364 (2009).

Abstract: The four basic geometric objects of points, point pairs, circles and spheres correspond to outer product null-spaces constructed by conformal points in conformal geometric algebra. Wedging with the infinity point we get four flat objects: finite-infinity point pairs, lines, planes and the whole 5D space. We show that all these basic geometric objects have the same algebraic structure. We then develop a single general algebraic method to quantify and interpolate the relative pose of the eight different classes of objects. As an explicit example we finally apply our framework to the conformation of organic macromolecules.

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