B. Mawardi, E.M.S. Hitzer
Clifford Algebra Cl(3,0)-valued Wavelet Transformation, Clifford Wavelet Uncertainty Inequality and Clifford Gabor Wavelets
International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing, 5(6), pp. 997-1019 (2007).

Abstract: In this paper, it is shown how continuous Clifford Cl3,0-valued admissible wavelets can be constructed using the similitude group SIM(3), a subgroup of the affine group of R3. We express the admissibility condition in terms of a Cl3,0 Clifford Fourier transform and then derive a set of important properties such as dilation, translation and rotation covariance, a reproducing kernel, and show how to invert the Clifford wavelet transform of multivector functions. We invent a generalized Clifford wavelet uncertainty principle. For scalar admissibility constant, it sets bounds of accuracy in multivector wavelet signal and image processing. As concrete example, we introduce multivector Clifford Gabor wavelets, and describe important properties such as the Clifford Gabor transform isometry, a reconstruction formula, and an uncertainty principle for Clifford Gabor wavelets.

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