E.M.S. Hitzer, L. Redaelli
Geometric Algebra illustrated by Cinderella
Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, 13(2) pp. 157-181 (2003).

Abstract: Conventional illustrations of the rich elementary relations and physical applications of geometric algebra are helpful, but restricted in communicating full generality and time dependence. The main restrictions are one special perspective in each graph and the static character of such illustrations. Several attempts have been made to overcome such restrictions. But up till now very little animated and fully interactive, free, instant access, online material is available.
This report presents therefore a set of over 90 newly developed (freely online accessible) JAVA applets. These applets range from the elementary concepts of vector, bivector, outer product and rotations to triangle relationships, oscillations and polarized waves. A special group of 21 applets illustrates three geometrically different approaches to the representation of conics; and even more ways to describe ellipses. Next Clifford's famous circle chain theorem is illustrated. Finally geometric applications important for crystallography and structural mechanics give a glimpse of the vast potential for applied mathematics. The interactive geometry software Cinderella was used for creating these applets. The interactive features of many of the applets invite the user to freely explore by a few mouse clicks as many different special cases and perspectives as he likes. This is of great help in "visualizing" geometry encoded by geometric algebra.

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