E.M.S. Hitzer
Geometric Calculus for Engineers - You can see it -
Poster presented at the Pukyong National University - Fukui University International Symposium 2001 for Promotion of Research Cooperation, 23 Nov. 2001, Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea.

Abstract: Geometric Calculus has developped into a universal, unified common language for all areas of mathematics, science and engineering. Since "Wittgenstein believed ... that our understanding comes in the area of our imagination"[1] this presentation aims at visualizing the fundamental concepts of Geometric Calculus. The technical means of visualization are 1) GABLE - A Matlab Geometric Algebra Tutorial and 2) Vector Field Design 1.0 - a Geometric Calculus based two-dimensional interactive vector field software. The basics of GABLE are briefly reviewed and then a number of demo routines used to show the inner product and (Grassmann's) outer product of vectors. Both are then unified in (Grassmann's and Clifford's) geometric product of vectors. Then the usefulness of this new type of product is shown for projection, rejection, vector division, rotations and rotational interpolations. In the second part we skip through the easy to use interactive features of Vector Field Design 1.0 and demonstrate the real time design and modification features for some relevant vector fields.

[1] Paul Yonggi Cho, The 4th Dimension, Vol. 2, Ben Publishing, Secunderabad, 2000.

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