E.S.M. Hitzer
Geometric operations implemented by conformal geometric algebra neural nodes
Proceedings of SICE Symposium on Systems and Information 2008, 26-28 Nov. 2008, Himeji, Japan, pp. 357 ? 362 (2008).

Abstract: Geometric algebra is an optimal frame work for calculating with vectors. The geometric algebra of a space includes elements that represent all the its subspaces (lines, planes, volumes, ...). Conformal geometric algebra expands this approach to elementary representations of arbitrary points, point pairs, lines, circles, planes and spheres. Apart from including curved objects, conformal geometric algebra has an elegant unified quaternion like representation for all proper and improper Euclidean transformations, including reflections at spheres, general screw transformations and scaling. Expanding the concepts of real and complex neuronswe arrive at the new powerful concept of conformal geometric algebra neurons. These neurons can easily take the above mentioned geometric objects or sets of these objects as inputs and apply a wide range of geometric transformations via the geometric algebra valued weights.

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