E. Hitzer
Angles Between Subspaces Computed in Clifford Algebra
in T. E. Simos et al. (eds.), ICNAAM 2010: Int. Conf. of Num. Analysis and App. Math. 2010, AIP Conf. Proc., Vol. 1281, pp. 1476-1479, (2010).

Abstract: Abstract. We first review the definition of the angle between subspaces and how it is computed using matrix algebra. Then we introduce the Grassmann and Clifford algebra description of subspaces. The geometric product of two subspaces yields the full relative angular information in an explicit manner. We explain and interpret the result of the geometric product of subspaces gaining thus full practical access to the relative orientation information.

Keywords: Clifford geometric algebra, subspaces, relative angle, principal angles, principal vectors.

AMS Subject Classification: 15A66, 54B05, 15A72.

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