E. Hitzer
Interactive visualization of plane groups
in G. Lugosi, D. Nagy (eds.), Symmetry: Art and Science, Spec. Iss. of The Journal of the Int. Soc. For the Interdisc. Study of Symmetry (ISIS): Proc. of Symmetry: Art and Science, 8th Congress of ISIS, Days of Harmonics, Gmund, Austria, 23-28 Aug. 2010, Vol. 2010 (1-4), pp. 80-83, (2010).

Abstract: This contribution shows how to successfully display the 17 two-dimensional space groups (wallpaper groups) in the interactive crystal symmetry software Space Group Visualizer (SGV) (Perwass & Hitzer, 2005). We show examples of four wallpaper groups that contain (as sub patterns, i.e as subgroups) all other 13 wallpaper groups. The SGV is described in (Hitzer & Perwass, 2010). It is based on a new type of powerful geometric algebra visualization platform (Perwass, 2000).

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