E.S.M. Hitzer, C. Perwass, D. Ichikawa
Interactive 3D Space Group Visualization with CLUCalc and Crystallographic Subperiodic Groups in Geometric Algebra
in G. Scheuermann, E. Bayro-Corrochano (eds.), Geometric Algebra Computing, Springer, New York, 2010, pp. 385-400.

Abstract: The Space Group Visualizer (SGV) for all 230 3D space groups is a standalone PC application based on the visualization software CLUCalc. We first explain the unique geometric algebra structure behind the SGV. In the second part we review the main features of the SGV: The GUI, group and symmetry selection, mouse pointer interactivity, and visualization options.We further introduce the joint use with the International Tables of Crystallography, Vol. A [7]. In the third part we explain how to represent the 162 socalled subperiodic groups of crystallography in geometric algebra. We construct a new compact geometric algebra group representation symbol, which allows to read off the complete set of geometric algebra generators. For clarity we moreover state explicitly what generators are chosen. The group symbols are based on the representation of point groups in geometric algebra by versors.

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