C. Perwass, E.M.S. Hitzer
Interactive Visualization of Full Geometric Description of Cyrstal Space Groups
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Advanced Mechanical Engineering, between University of Fukui (Japan), Pukyong National University (Korea) and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China), 23-26 Nov. 2005.

Abstract: In this text we present a software tool that visualises the symmetry properties of the space groups of 3D Euclidean space, which play an important role in the investigation of crystalline materials. The main source that lists the properties of all space groups are the International Tables For Crystallography, Volume A, where the symmetries are shown in three orthographic projections. It is clearly much more intuitive to look at these symmetry properties in a 3D visualisation. The visualisation software presented here (for monoclinic crystals) allows the user to look at the space group symmetries from any view point and to modify lattice parameters in real time. The visualisation software is freely available from www.spacegroup.info.

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