D. Hildenbrand, E.S.M.Hitzer
Analysis of point clouds - using conformal geometric algebra
in Braz, J. (ed.), GRAPP 2008, 3rd Int. Conf. on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications. Proc.: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, January 22-25, 2008, Porto: INSTICC Press, pp. 99-106 (2008).

Abstract: This paper presents some basics for the analysis of point clouds using the geometrically intuitive mathematical framework of conformal geometric algebra. In this framework it is easy to compute with osculating circles for the description of local curvature. Also methods for the fitting of spheres as well as bounding spheres are presented. In a nutshell, this paper provides a starting point for shape analysis based on this new, geometrically intuitive and promising technology.

Keywords. geometric algebra, geometric computing, point clouds, osculating circle, fitting of spheres, bounding spheres.

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