E.M.S. Hitzer
Imaginary eigenvalues and complex eigenvectors explained by real geometry
To appear in C. Doran, L. Dorst and J. Lasenby eds. Applied Geometrical Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering, AGACSE 2001, Birkhauser 2001.

Abstract: This paper first reviews how anti-symmetric matrices in two dimensions yield imaginary eigenvalues and complex eigenvectors. It is shown how this carries on to rotations by means of the Cayley transformation. Then a real geometric interpretation is given to the eigenvalues and eigenvectors by means of real geometric algebra. The eigenvectors are seen to be two component eigenspinors which can be further reduced to underlying vector duplets. The eigenvalues are interpreted as rotation operators, which rotate the underlying vector duplets. The second part of this paper extends and generalizes the treatment to three dimensions. Finally the four-dimensional problem is stated.

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AGACSE 2001 conference poster

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