Meet of planes

In geometric algebra the (red) "meet" M of two planes (characterized by bivectors A and B) can be calculated with the help of the join J. The join of two non-parallel planes is simply the three dimensional space characterized by the trivector volume unit J = I3 (pseudoscalar). The meet is then:

M = (B/J).A = (B/I3).A

You can change the orientation of B by interactively dragging the dark green vector B/I3 with the mouse.

Please enable Java for an interactive construction (with Cinderella).

The basic idea for this applet stems from the "DEMOmeetplanes" in Dorst, Mann and Bouma's geometric algebra MATLAB tutorial GABLE.

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Soli Deo Gloria. Created with Cinderella by E. Hitzer (Fukui).