2D Toy Vector Field Software Details

Polya's Method and the new geometric calculus based Conjugate Method have been implemented as a Windows(TM) based program for the PC using Microsoft Foundation Classes [MFC(TM)]. Critical points of a vector field are interactively added or deleted in the display area with mouse picks. The type of index is specified by a pick from a drop down menu at the point of insertion. The resulting vector fields can be displayed as a set of vector glyphs on either a radial or rectangular grid. They can be displayed with actual, normalized or log-scaled magnitudes. Separatrices are integrated with a choice of Euler's method, or with first through fourth order Runge-Kutta methods. The user may also pick an arbitrary point in the vector field and integrate its streamline as well. It is particulary instructive that the program allows a critical point to be picked and dragged to new locations by the mouse. The program allows movement and redrawing the vector glyphs and integration curves in real time, even with a moderate number of critical points. In the Conjugate Method, curl and divergence may be mapped to a color intensity field for display, although this is a slow computation.

Reference: Alyn Rockwood, Shoeb Binderwala
A Toy Vector Field Based on Geometric Algebra
To appear in C. Doran, L. Dorst and J. Lasenby eds. Applied Geometrical Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering, AGACSE 2001, Birkhauser 2001.

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